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Timesheet features explained

Simple customisable reports

Web based reporting

Get all your project management reports quickly and easily
via the web.

TimeSite Reporting and analysis offers you a comprehensive pallet of pre-loaded reporting options. You can even design and add your own.

With TimeSite reporting, users can quickly analyse
  • all project and resource and financial data.
  • All reports are based on live data.
  • All TimeSite reports export directly to PDF, CSV,XML and Excel.
  • Access to groups of reports (i.e. accounting) can be managed by security if required.

Web based enquiry screen

Drill down at any group level to see individual records

Enquiry detail screen

The reporting possible via this screen is limited only by your imagination, you can filter on a number of key variable, select the columns to display, the fields to group, sort and total by.

Web based enquiry detail with grouping

You can also group data in the drill down screen. Export any of this data to excel. This tool is a must see.

Chargeable v non chargeable Time

Are you deploying your resources effectively? Analyse billable non billable hours to discover where you can make better use of your resources

Track actual v target Billable hours

Any business who sells or wishes to manage their staffs time should be measuring productivity these reports provide a one stop shop for this data.

Track actual v target Billable hours details

You can also drill down to see daily records to assist in identifying issues.

Easily get your data into and out of Timesite

Timesite interfaces with Quicken and MYOB, Xero and a number of other formats out of the box.

Because Timesite is a full service company, we can help you, or your technology team, successfully integrate and optimise timesite to become part of your technology landscape, increase potentially untapped revenue streams, and provide a return on your investment in the shortest possible time.

Timesite makes use of current XSLT technology. This makes integration with products like Microsoft Dynamics or Project Server quick and easy. We would be happy to talk with you about how easy it is to integrate Timesite into your existing environment to achieve an end to end Timesheet, Expense and Billing solution.

One of the biggest and most time consuming elements of any integration is the migration of your current data into a new system.

At Timesite we have the experience, expertise and tools to make this process as quick and simple as possible. If you choose, we can perform all the conversion for you and provide you with a Timesite implementation, fully loaded and ready to go.

Job Tracking / To Do list optional add-on

Maintain your service level agreements (SLA), issues and jobs with TimeSite’s Job Tracking / To Do list and Support Centre.

How long do you spend supporting your clients?

Should you be charging customers more for support or can you afford to be more competitive? TimeSite’s web enabled Job Tracking solution gives you full support management as well as a client by client view of the time you really spend on support issues.

Keep control of critical issues.

Stay in control of critical tasks with the TimeSite To Do enquiry screen. Designed for support desk managers, TimeSite’s To Do enquiry screen gives you a continuous bird’s eye view of all active To Do items. To Do enquiry features let you proactively monitor all critical items across your entire operations. Non-moving items can be quickly reviewed and escalated to ensure continuous compliance with SLA’s.

Customer facing web portal

Let customers create items directly into your Support desk. Reduce errors and delays in processing support tickets with TimeSite’s customer facing portal.

Issue tracking

Track client issues from start to finish with TimeSite’s built in Job Tracking workflow. Keep records of who did what and when with status tracking and note features.

Document management

Keep track of issue and resolution documentation and support files for all tickets with TimeSite’s document management functionality.

Auto-schedule support and maintenance tasks

TimeSite Job Tracking Add On lets you schedule tasks by client to ensure that support functions are completed according to schedule

Take control of servicing, planning and support management by allowing Timesite to automatically create new To Do items for all your regular operational tasks.

Only pay for Active timesheet users!

We only charge for users who actually record time. Inactive users and administrators are free.

Only pay for Active timesheet users!

We only charge for users who actually record time. Inactive users and administrators are free.

If we don't have an option that suits...

Ask us, we have many ways you can run Timesite!



Unlimited technical support
and product upgrades

Technical support

Clients have unlimited technical support while their subscription is active.

Solutions that increase in value over time

Our development staff are constantly producing new features that add further benefits to TimeSite.
By subscribing to Timesite you are investing in a Timesheet solution that will appreciate over time.
Our commitment to making the best software ensures you continue to benefit from new features as well as enjoying the advancements in the latest software technology.

Support Hours

Technical support is available via telephone (+ 1 300 60 59 58)
Web and email between 9:00am and 5:00pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

timesite demo

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