A screen to suit you!

Time and Expense entry screens

Main Standard Timesheet Entry Screen.

On the standard time entry screen you enter your time, based on Client, Project and Task. You will see each entered timesheet item with all the relative information.
Time entry by actual start and end time and breaks. Time entry by Units, the system can be setup to allow allocation of time to a unit, in this case 1 unit equals 6 minutes.

Unit based tasks are different and depends on how you setup that task.
Duration is a quicker was to enter time, usually used when start and end time is not important.

Custom Time Entry Screen #1 - Daily Grid.

This screen is similar to the Standard time entry screen but it was made to make entering time much faster. You still get to pick the day of the week and then you enter your Client, Project and Task, and the duration spent. The user has the option to filter the list showing Recent task, which will make entering time even faster.

Custom Time Entry Screen #2 - Weekly Grid.

This is screen almost identical to Custom Screen #1 - Daily Grid, with the only difference you enter one time for the whole week. With the Recent option turned on, this is the fastest time entry screen in the world!

Custom Time Entry Screen #3 - Time.

This screen is used to quickly enter the weekly timesheet (top), and then enter a breakdown for each day (bottom), this screen lets the user enter the breakdown in a more flexible way without the constraints of an admin person entering the Job and Task, this could be used for service technicians driving around the city servicing gas meters in apartment buildings or something similar.

Custom Time Entry Screen #4 - Time.

This screen is similar to Custom screen #3 above, except it can take any date range. Can be used when a user is spending a few days on a job, or a couple of weeks. the breakdown is entered the same way as on custom screen #3.

Custom Time Entry Screen #3 and #4 - Expenses.

As Custom Screen #1 and #2 was designed for users driving around doing various Jobs we have included an expense section where the user enters his expenses such as; Accommodation, Meals, Travel.